Top of The Towers Features

There are 9 tables that are 42” square and require 61" x 61" tablecloth.  These tables also open up to 5 ft round and require 81" x 81" tablecloths. They can accommodate 8 people. 

There are 6 tables that are 34” square and require a 54" x 54" tablecloth.  These tables also open up to 4 ft round and require a 61" x 61" tablecloth. They can accommodate 6 people. 

There are 6 round cocktail tables that are 3 ft and require 45" x 45" tablecloths. They can accommodate 2 people.

There are two (8 ft.) banquet tables, three (6 ft.) banquet tables and one (4 ft.) banquet table.

There are 100 high back chairs, and 5 low back chairs.

There is a portable bar and an 8 ft. x 11 ft. dance floor.

White linens are provided for all tables. Any other linen can be delivered by United Linen, at renter’s expense.

The patio cannot be used as a dining area.

Included: Ice Maker, cold storage, and warming drawers

No cooking is allowed on the premises.